As many of the Advertiser Democrat readers know, the Lakes Association of Norway, or LAON, is a reinvigorated organization whose primary goal is to preserve the health and beauty of our lakes. Our actions include providing information on how we all can help maintain the clarity and quality of our bodies of water and the prevention of invasive species, both plants and fishes, from contaminating these waters.

This is an enormous task and combines the talents of many people with different skills. We are fortunate to have available in our organization people who have volunteered their time to attain what should and, indeed, must be, the objective of keeping our lakes, and therefore our community and business healthy.

In years past, these waters have been routinely tested and analyzed in order to obtain factual information on their cleanliness. The results of this testing and analyses have shown that these glorious places of relaxation can continue to be enjoyed because they are clean! And we are sure everyone in the Norway area wants to keep it that way. After all, those of us who live here, as well as the plethora of seasonal residents and sportsman who travel here to enjoy these waters, have discovered a jewel here in Norway. This treasure is so for all to enjoy, not only those who are shore-line property owners.

LAON is poised to present articles in this column throughout the lake season that will focus on what we can all do to help in the preservation of our lakes. Future topics to be discussed and brought to the attention of the reader are: articles on invasive species; maintaining water quality and our program to measure it; voluntary boat inspections; the relevance of watershed issues; and property devaluation due to the possible degradation of our waters to name but a few. We are here to inform and to interact with all who wish to take advantage of our beautiful, and still pristine, lake and ponds.

As part of our boat inspection program, we will be hiring part time boat inspectors from early May until late September. If you are interested, please email or write us at the addresses below, or call us at 207-743-1808.

We at LAON look forward to the summer season and we seek your thoughts and input into our agenda. Please keep us apprised by emailing us at If you would like to help our cause, please do so by becoming a member.