Who We Are

LAON is an all-volunteer group dedicated to preserving the health and beauty of Norways four lakes: Sand Pond, Hobbs Pond, North Pond and Lake Pennesseewassee.  We protect the lakes from harmful invasive plants and pollutants, monitor and report on each lake’s condition, encourage responsible recreation, and conduct a broad based awareness campaign to reach our entire watershed community.

Our members enjoy swimming, boating, fishing and other water sports during the summer and ice fishing, snowmobiling, cross country skiing and skating on the lakes all winter.

What’s New / Events

LAON is dedicated to protecting our lakes now to preserve them for the future. Our 2019 newsletter highlights the challenges confronting us and the responsive programs we’ve developed. Our strength is based on our multifaceted approach, our success is based on lakeshore property owner involvement.

Also consider attending the 2019 LAON Annual Meeting on July 13th, which will be held from 1:30-3:30pm in the Norway town office at 19 Danforth St. (behind Norway Savings Bank).

Please note that our email address has changed to: norwaylaon@gmail.com



Our sponsors are caring local businesses which recognize the connection between the quality of our lakes and local economic vitality. The Town of Norway is our main partner; we are grateful for its ongoing support. Our business sponsors are listed on Thanks to Our Sponsors.

We need you to Invest in our future.  We rely on annual membership dues and business sponsorship to support our work. (All donations are fully tax exempt)

Get LAON Shirts and Tote Bags

We were pleased to announce that we have designed, and have available for sale, a variety of LAON shirts and Tote Bags!  Please consider buying shirts or bags for yourself, your family members and maybe even your frequent guests.  When we begin to wear these shirts and carry these bags around town, we will be sparking awareness of what LAON does for our entire community.

Would you like to be on our email list?  (We only send a few messages each year and we won’t share our address list.) Just complete this form or Email: norwaylaon@gmail.com. Don’t forget to add us to your address book so that our messages reach you!