How You Can Get Involved

LAON is made up of a volunteers. If you think you can volunteer some time to help the Norway lakes, we would appreciate it. Areas that you can help include:

    • Outreach – our effort to communicate with the people who both impact the lakes, and are impacted by them. It involves communication on LAON activities and projects, and education on what individuals can do in their everyday lives to help protect the lakes.  This includes writing; creating literature in various forms; representing LAON at events; keeping various sites stocked with lake and LAON related literature.
  • Water Quality – our effort to keep the lakes healthy and beautiful by monitoring various aspects of the water and by looking for ways to avoid costly problems.  This includes water quality surveys (checks water chemistry and health); invasive plant surveys; watershed surveys; courtesy boat inspections; and checking buoy placement.

Volunteer efforts can run from being a little involved, to very much involved, according to your interest.

  • Please contact us via email at:
  • If you prefer, you can call Sal Girifalco at 207-743-1808