Keep Lakes Healthy

Water quality is our primary mission

  • Water quality sampling (taking water samples to determine water chemistry in order to monitor lake health). You would be trained on how to properly collect and analyze samples, and then go sampling with Steve Zeeman.
  • Courtesy Boat Inspections (CBI). This program is designed to help prevent invasive species (ex, millfoil) from entering our lakes. We have hired inspectors, but volunteer coordination and supervision is needed.
  • Invasive Plant Patrols (Learn how to incorporate a quick and easy examination for invasive plants into your canoe or Kayak rides). We encourage shorefront property owners and others paddling the lakes to adopt a section of shore that they regularly visit and inspect for potential invasive species. Contact us for training dates on invasive plants.
  • Watershed surveys (examining portions of the land that drains into our lakes for areas where pollution damage is suspected). This effort needs some dedicated leadership to start the program, recruit volunteers, conduct outreach to landowners, etc.

What are those green algae globs?

algae2algae3algae blob





This summer’s weather has resulted in perfect conditions for the growth of a type of algae called Metaphyton. Though it is unsightly, the good news is that it is not the same as an “algal bloom” that is a sure sign of water quality problems. Read More…

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