Homeowner Information

Rules & Regulations

What are the restrictions on clearing of vegetation in the shoreland zone?

It can be a little complicated. Here is the Handbook for Shoreland Owners or visit the Maine Department of Environmental Protection at MaineDEP for more information.

What are the restrictions on clearing of trees in the shoreland zone?

The Maine Forest Service provides the Statewide Standards for Shoreland Areas. You may visit them at Maine Forest Service for more information.

Norway Building Codes (2013 Amendments)

The State law adopting the ‘new’ building and energy codes (Dec 2010) is restrictive to towns with a population over 4000 regarding what can be built for one and two family dwellings. To meet the energy standards, three season cottages/camps are no longer allowed.

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Conservation Practices for Homeowners

Plants and Gardening

Controlling Erosion

  • Methods to reduce runoff (water bars, culverts, rubber razors, mulch, and many more)