A Key to Future Business Success

We are now well into the summer months of 2015, a time when we witness a significant increase of traffic. This increase of traffic will not be noticed just on the streets of Norway and the surrounding towns, but on our lake and ponds as well. And so it is that the triad of water, community and business exists much as did that very old Ballantine beer advertisement showing the three interconnecting circles of purity, body and flavor. All are interrelated and one cannot truly exist without the others. Our lakes draw the visitors, the visitors support the businesses, and LAON needs the businesses’ support so it can continue to protect our lakes.

We are so fortunate to be in a community that has as its base its beautiful waters. They have become a draw for boating and fishing enthusiasts for generations and we are hopeful that they will be a similar draw for generations to come. But as other communities have found, we cannot take the health of those waters for granted. LAON exists to protect those waters, but that protection takes a concerted effort by many, and it takes financial resources. I am indeed pleased and proud to say that a number of the businesses of Norway are doing their part in this worthwhile endeavor. To date, LAON has received, or has been pledged for the year 2015, sponsorships which are 33% above last year’s amount at this time. And yet, the job is not yet complete. We need further funding to support all our activities.

I am now speaking to those business people of Norway who have not as yet had the chance to show their support of LAON by asking them to open up their hearts and wallets to sustain the organization that directly helps them support their families. If it were not for these beautiful, clean and clear bodies of water, many of those visitors who flock to Norway would not be here. It’s as if these lakes were a magnet drawing people from hundreds of miles distant and we should, indeed must, all be thankful for their role in keeping the Norway area a vibrant hub for so many activities.

Welcome the member of LAON who comes to the door of your business asking for a donation. The cause for which it is asked is a good one as, similarly to the above-mentioned Ballantine beer ad, we are all interconnected. Please visit our website to see how you can become a sponsor. And let me, along with all Officers, Directors and LAON members, please take the time to now thank the following: Oxford Credit Union, Woodman’s Sporting Goods, Ari’s Pizza, Dow’s Law Office, White’s Marina, Keller’s Place Marina, Cudmore Curbscapes, Bisco Property Management, Norway Savings Bank and Cafe Nomad for their strong and welcome support. THANK YOU!

To the rest of all you business owners in Norway, it is never too late. We invite you all to support the organization that supports you!

Remember…Healthy Lakes = Healthy Businesses

LAON is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the health and beauty of our lakes. Visit us at www.norwaylakes.org, like us on Facebook, email: laon@norwaylakes.org,

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 505
Norway, ME 04268

By: Tom Curtis